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The Sleep-Out: Executive Edition

Each November, business leaders across North America spend one night on the streets in solidarity with homeless kids. From Anchorage to New York, Toronto to New Orleans and in other major cities across the Americas, these courageous men and women raise funds to support the life-changing work that is being done to help young people leave the streets and begin new lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are the vice president of a Fortune 500 company or an executive of a local business, you can make a difference by sleeping out for just one night.

The Sleep-Out: Executive Edition

Galvanizing Business Leaders to Raise Funds for and Awareness of Homeless Young People

Each November, business leaders and top corporate executives spend one night sleeping on the streets in solidarity with countless homeless kids to let them know they are not alone ... and to let others know that together, we can make a difference.

Our first-ever Solidarity Sleep-Out: Executive Edition was a remarkable success thanks to our inaugural group of 50 participants who changed the lives of homeless youth in 2011. The evening not only was memorable and inspirational but also made a lasting impact on the services provided to homeless youth in New York City and throughout North America.

Last year, 450 business leaders across North America spent one night on the street and collectively raised over $3,000,000 to support Covenant House’s life-saving programs for homeless youth. We’re aiming higher this year!

Be a part of this international movement to help kids off the street and to rebuild their lives. One night can make a difference.

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