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Measuring Success

Over the years, we have had many, many success stories – almost too many to count. But we count nonetheless. We believe that we must constantly measure and assess our performance serving our youth so that we can continually strive to improve the outcomes that we help our youth achieve.  We are proud of our fiscal responsibility and invite you to review our financial information.


Covenant House's Commitment to Accountability and Transparency

We work to help homeless and runaway youth escape the streets forever and move toward lives with stable housing, a solid educational foundation, and sustained employment.

Our strategy to achieve that goal is to find homeless and runaway youth, help them come in off the streets, and provide them the services they need to overcome their challenges.

We find them through our Street Outreach Program, or even when they just walk into our 24/7 Crisis Centers because they've heard of us through our many contacts and relationships in our communities. When they come in to our Crisis Centers, we welcome them with open arms and no questions asked.

We provide a full continuum of services for our youth: healthcare, substance abuse counseling, behavioral health treatment, educational services, employment training, and long-term transitional living – what we call our Rights of Passage program.

During our more than 43 years in existence, we've served more than 1.2 million youth. Today we are one of the largest providers of services to homeless and runaway youth in the world, providing services in 27 cities across six countries in North and Central America.

Covenant House is a mission energized by the powerful lives and stories of the youth we serve.  This year we will help over 50,000 young people with food, clothing, shelter, medical care, counseling, hope and love.

A Sacred Space … Our Praesidium Accreditation

It is not easy for a young person to make the decision to come to Covenant House.  Many of our kids have been abused, neglected and abandoned by the very people who should have loved and cherished them the most.  That is why we consider Covenant House a sacred space, a place where we meet our kids and begin the process of building their trust.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best care for our youth, Praesidium Inc., a leader in abuse risk management, conducted a thorough assessment of Covenant House programs.  The result was Covenant House being awarded the prestigious Praesidium Accreditation.

“This award demonstrates that Covenant House has worked to achieve the highest industry standards in abuse prevention,” the independent report concluded. “This shows the commitment from Covenant House for stringent safety practices in all areas of care for homeless youth.  To attain accreditation, Covenant House programs underwent a rigorous review of operational areas including the policies, training, monitoring and supervision in place to protect homeless youth.”

We have also implementing a series of ambitious data-driven strategies to continuously assess outcomes, identify opportunities to improve our performance, and better help our youth transition from the street to stable housing, a solid educational foundation, and sustained employment. Our kids deserve nothing but the best we can offer.