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Casa Alianza

Rescuing Homeless, Abandoned, Abused, Trafficked and Exploited Children from the Streets in Latin America

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In addition to our work in the United States and Canada, Covenant House has programs in Latin America which operate under the name Casa Alianza.  These programs have helped rebuild the lives of thousands of homeless and trafficked children: 

For more than 30 years, our Casas in Latin America have been highly respected organizations providing a portfolio of multi-disciplinary services to help exploited and trafficked children and adolescents reclaim their lives from homelessness, abuse, traffickers, and violence. Our programs are unique in that they offer an open door to children and teens 24 hours a day–7 days a week–365 days a year and our comprehensive treatment methodology has become a model for governments and other child service organizations.

Our Latin America National Directors are internationally recognized experts in children’s human rights and together are a strong collective voice and force in civil society, leading advocacy efforts to pass critical legislation on human trafficking and to call governments to their responsibility to design and enforce policies that protect children and punish traffickers.  Our staff in each country live our mission of offering every child absolute respect and unconditional love under exceedingly difficult circumstances including crushing poverty, rampant political and economic instability, and a stunning increase in levels of crime and violence that affect youth every day.

At Casa Alianza we have the extraordinary privilege of serving the most forgotten, abandoned, and abused children in the region. And, inspired by our mission to offer "absolute respect and unconditional love" we strive to offer the very best we can–every day–every minute–to every child.

In recognition of our work, Casa Alianza received the Olof Palme Prize in 1996, the Hilton Humanitarian Prize in 2000, the Reina Sofia Award in 2007, and the honor of having our Casa Alianza Honduras National Director, Jose Manuel Capellin, named as a US Department of State Anti-Trafficking Hero in 2008.

Who We Serve

Profile of the Children and Teenagers Cared for By Casa Alianza in Latin America

  • Abused, abandoned and neglected boys and girls and teens between 12 and 18 years of age
  • Addicted to harmful substances
  • Children and teenagers living with HIV/AIDs
  • Victims of commercial sexual exploitation and labor exploitation
  • Victims of human trafficking, smuggling and illegal migration
  • Victims of other forms of violence
  • Pregnant teenagers or teen moms and their babies
  • Youth referred by government authorities

In situations of emergency, Casa Alianza cares for any child or teenager, regardless of age, until that child can be safely transferred to a center which can address their specific needs.