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Save a child with nowhere else to go

Young people on the streets have no refuge from COVID-19. They are exposed to unclean and unsanitary conditions, chronic illness, poor nutrition and lack a safe place to sleep. They are afraid and alone.

Covenant House is rescuing kids — and protecting them — during this crisis. With your support, struggling kids will receive emergency lifesaving services — food, shelter, clothing, medical care, safety and love.

Your gift right now, of any amount, will help save lives.
  • Your $50 gift will feed three new residents for a day.
  • Your $100 gift provides two days of medical supplies to keep youth and staff safe.
  • Your $250 gift will provide two clean, comfortable and safe places to sleep on quarantine.
  • Your $500 gift provides two clean, comfortable and safe places to sleep on quarantine
  • Your $1,000 gift will provide one week of emergency personnel costs to keep Shelters safe
  • Your $2,000 gift today will create a quarantine section of cots and new linens at one of our Houses



Donate by phone: 1-800-976-7706
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