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Faith Community Volunteers
Live. Pray. Serve. Together

Faith Community was founded in 1977 by a group of men and women who committed themselves to living out the mission of Covenant House in service to youth in crisis. Today, Faith Community members come from all over the United States and Canada to serve for a year at one of our Covenant House sites. Their experience is about serving others and the foundation of this service is love.

Faith Community

Faith Community is Covenant House's full-time volunteer program.  It's an opportunity for recent college graduates to come together and serve at one of our Covenant House sites.  

In addition to serving our youth, Faith Community members live with other college graduates focused on Catholic/Christian spirituality and a simple community life style.  Faith Community members dedicate their year to our program's three pillars of ServiceCommunity, and Prayer. Service takes place in one of our shelter sites, where members work 40 hours a week helping at-risk youth get back on a healthy life path. Members are supported in this ministry by the community they live with: 3- 5 other volunteers, in a home provided by the program, where prayer and spirituality are a big part of their daily lives.  We currently have Faith Community members serving in Anchorage, Atlanta, Atlantic City, and New York City.

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The youth of Covenant House are definitely at the heart of our service year.  Our members serve full time, working 40 hours per week at one of our Covenant House Sites.  Our members serve in a variety of direct-care and administrative support roles, ranging from case managers and youth advisors to volunteer coordinators. We work to make sure every Faith Community member's role gives an opportunity to have direct interaction with our youth in some way.

Community Living

Our Faith Community members live in intentional communities.  Generally about 4 to 6 people share a house, off site from the Covenant House property in which they serve.  We aim to live simple, healthy and respectful lives.  We commit to building community in our homes through shared meals, conversations, relaxing, and fun times together.


There are many ways for our Faith Community members to grow deeper in and live out their faith during this year of service with our program.  Each of our communities to come together for communal prayer at least 4 times a week. Prayers take many different forms, from the more traditional to more creative styles, but the intent is to pause and recognize God's presence in our lives.  We also offer other spiritual supports, including a Site Resource Person, weekly prayer intentions, and two community retreats.

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For more information about Faith Community, please contact our Coordinator Carrie England at or at (212) 727-4149.