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Meet Our Kids

Imagine walking in the footsteps of a kid who has run away from home to escape years of physical abuse, a dangerous human trafficking network, the chaos of life with a drug-addicted parent, or a house overflowing with rage.

This is life for so many homeless kids – until they arrive at Covenant House. Read the stories of how these kids rebuilt their lives with the support of the Covenant House teams that love them.

Living up to his name

In Caribbean culture, the name Okavian means...

Kidnapped into Sex Slavery

Rose was kidnapped off a city street by two...


Homeless but Hopeful

Ada, the 20 year-old mother of a beautiful...

The Girl in the Hood

She came to Covenant House on a frigid...


Forced into Prostitution

It was evening in our crisis center when one...


Romel's Story

Romel never wanted to be homeless.