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Covenant House strives to be a voice for homeless kids – because they simply can't speak up for themselves. By raising public awareness through the media, we hope to influence community action and government policy on the problem of youth homelessness around the world.


Billboard in Times Square Sends Message of Hope to Homeless Kids

Friday, March 1, 2013 at 12:15 pm

Most theatre-goers standing in line at the TKTS ticket booth in the middle of Times Square don’t realize that later on that night, homeless teenagers will be freezing and struggling to survive on those very same streets.

             “Homeless teenagers go unnoticed, they blend in, they couch surf, they hide in the wide open,” said Covenant House President Kevin Ryan.  “But they are out there.  We know because every night, dozens of freezing, all-alone kids walk through the doors of our Covenant House New York crisis shelter, looking for food, clothing, and safety from the streets.  We’ll have 400 kids in our shelter tonight, and we know more kids are out there.  Our kids are suffering.”

            This winter, thanks to KD+E, an innovative communications agency, and Clear Channel, Covenant House is reaching out to raise awareness in a new and powerful way by broadcasting a message of hope on the billboards and kiosks in the Times Square bowtie.

            “To a homeless teenager who sees our message, it could be the difference between suffering on the streets or coming in to Covenant House,” said Ryan.  “And for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and tourists rushing through Times Square, we hope it makes them stop and think about how they can be part of rescuing more good kids off the streets.  I can’t thank our friends at KD+E and Clear Channel enough for giving us an opportunity, in one of the busiest places on earth, to be a voice for our kids.”

            We’re asking all supporters of Covenant House to help spread the word.  If you see our spot in Times Square, please post on your facebook  page, or tweet about it.  We are in a race against time to get more kids off the streets this winter.  We need more friends to save more kids.