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Covenant House strives to be a voice for homeless kids – because they simply can't speak up for themselves. By raising public awareness through the media, we hope to influence community action and government policy on the problem of youth homelessness around the world.


Hurricane Sandy Update [VIDEO]

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 1:30 pm
Hurricane Sandy Update: Shelters Sustain Severe Damage

Our New York City shelter is packed as we fight through the devastating aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. We are caring for more than 325 young people each day as our heroic staff works  round-the-clock.   In New Jersey, we've set up a temporary emergency shelter near Philadelphia, closer to resources and away from the gas shortages and food shortages that are plaguing parts of the region.  This includes all the evacuated kids, including the babies. 

We sent a team into Atlantic City to assess the damage and develop a plan to repair and return as expeditiously as possible.  The challenges that await our kids upon their return - employment, school, transitional housing - are huge, akin to what our kids confronted in New Orleans after Katrina. We have to think very hard about how to be a bridge for them to economic opportunity beyond the wreckage that is their hometown tonight.

We are managing the gasoline and food scarcity issues, and friends across the country are responding to our Tweets and sending us baby supplies and grocery cards. Our Newark, Montclair and Elizabeth shelters are full - overflowing in fact. We are making room for every kid who needs us because now, more than ever, we are their safety net.