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Covenant House strives to be a voice for homeless kids – because they simply can't speak up for themselves. By raising public awareness through the media, we hope to influence community action and government policy on the problem of youth homelessness around the world.


QBE North America Provides Help and Hope for Our Kids

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 3:15 pm
Kevin Ryan and Inmaculada Gonzalez, Senior Vice President, Ceded Reinsurance Division of QBE North America

In addition to being internationally recognized as a highly successful general insurance and reinsurance group, QBE North America has a foundation that makes a difference in the lives of people in need around the world.

This holiday season QBE has reached into the lives of our homeless kids at Covenant House with a $50,000 gift that will transform lives.

“We heard of the work of Covenant House through Andy Bustillo (Chairman of the Covenant House Board of Directors) who is a leader in the insurance industry,” said Inmaculada Gonzalez, Senior Vice President, Ceded Reinsurance Division of QBE North America. “Andy was so passionate about the kids and the mission of Covenant House, and he invited us to spend a day with the kids in the New Jersey program.  What we saw there was so impressive.   These were kids who came from such difficult pasts, and yet they were working so hard to succeed.  We saw job training programs, met kids going out on job interviews.  It was an incredible, inspirational experience and when I left that day I decided to nominate Covenant House as a place our QBE Foundation should help.”

“The QBE Foundation operates in most countries around the world,” said Mike Scala, President, Intermediary Distribution. “We narrow down the nominations to a couple of hundred, and from there to a top ten, and Covenant House just stood out as a place we wanted to help.  We believe in making a difference in the community and we’re proud to be associated with a program that does so much to help young people.”

On December 6, Inmaculada came back to Covenant House, this time to our New York program, along with Mike Scala, Diana Fionda, Vice President, Ceded Reinsurance Operations, Marc Bliesener, Vice President, Ceded Reinsurance Division, and Laura Harrington, Executive Assistant, Ceded Reinsurance, with a $50,000 gift to Covenant House. They also took a tour of our facility and spent more time with our kids.

“Our entire Covenant House family is so grateful for this gift,” said Covenant House President Kevin Ryan at the check presentation. “So many of our kids are told they don’t belong, and it seems that so much of the world wants homeless kids to just go away.  But you at QBE have taken the time to meet our kids, to learn how incredible and courageous and good and smart they are.  Once you meet our kids they become a part of you, and we are thrilled and so grateful not only for this desperately needed financial help from QBE, but for your time and genuine concern for our kids.”