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Programs that Serve Homeless Kids

Covenant House opens doors of opportunity and hope to homeless youth through three core programs: Outreach, Crisis Care, and Rights of Passage, each playing a specific role in the journey from homelessness to a bright future. These programs were designed to connect, protect, nourish, heal, and transform lives.



If homeless kids can’t get to us, we go straight to them through our Outreach Program. Covenant House Outreach teams comb the most desolate streets, visit schools, and make connections within the community. We get to know local homeless youth, making sure they have something to eat and letting them know that we’re here if they need us.

Learn more about our Outreach Program.

Crisis Care

Many of the homeless youth who come through our doors are coming from stressful situations and require immediate attention. Crisis Care is a program designed to quickly address these needs including, medical care, hot showers, clean clothes, nourishing meals and a safe bed. First we heal the body, and then we heal the person.

Learn more about our Crisis Care Program.

Rights of Passage

A majority of homeless youth do not know how to live independently – like finding a job, saving money, paying bills, cooking healthy meals, even doing the dishes. Rights of Passage is a transitional living programs that gives homeless youth a chance to learn how to live on their own successfully.

Learn more about our Rights of Passage Program.

Our Homeless Programs Are a Continuum of Care

Homeless youth at Covenant House need more than charity and a place to stay. Many are survivors of domestic abuse, others have alcohol and substance abuse problems, and many still need to complete their education and develop job skills. Our programs address these needs – creating a continuum of care and tools for homeless youth to become self-sufficient.

Learn more about our Continuum of Care.