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One-of-a-Kind Programs As Unique as Our Kids

Because of local partnerships within our communities, we are able to create one-of-a-kind programs that are as unique as the kids we serve.

Featured Programs

Healing Body and Soul

In Philadelphia, Covenant House teamed with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to provide our kids with holistic tools to help them manage the stress of being homeless. Meditation, tai chi, and even massage help our young people heal the scars of their prior lives.

Coffee, Tea, and Job Skills

Located in Anchorage, Alaska, the Covy Café is a coffee shop and TrailWatch headquarters for the Coastal Trail. The café operates as a job training program for our youth, working with community partnerships to teach customer service and job skills.

A Most Unusual Charter School

When Covenant House Michigan noticed that 90% of its residents were high school dropouts, it opened the Covenant House Life Skills Centers – a group of charter schools that have helped more than 400 young people get their high school diplomas in the past five years. Learn more about the Covenant House Michigan Life Skills Centers.

Learn more about our one-of-a-kind programs: