“Better as a Person”: Trynity’s Story

former homeless young mother with baby | Covenant House

"They bring everything that you need to the table for you to do better as a person," Trynity Busse says. 

Busse is an alum of Covenant HousePennsylvania at our York site. Since 2016, the co-ed Sanctuary Program in York has been open 24/7 and has served youth at risk of homelessness in the region with vital services such as shelter, food, clothing and showers, educational and vocational services, outreach, and case management. 

Last year, CHPA York supported 41 youth, provided 2,103 nights of safe shelter, and served 118 youth through our outreach program and 73 through our drop-in services. 

Trynity needed a placeto stay when she waspregnantand moved into the shelter in York. CovenantHouse staff worked hard to reconcileTrynitywith her family members. Through this patient,skilledprocessTrynity’saunt(and grandma)agreedto giveTrynityand her new child a place to stay. 

Her time atCovenantHouse was transformative, she says. 

 "It affected me deeply when I first got here, but it was a relief, and it helped me believe that I could do this on my own, including being a mother. It brings a whole new euphoric feeling to living. It makes you want to live and do better and feel better for yourself," Trynitysaid. 

After a period staying with her aunt,Trynitynow has her own accommodation.She works at a restaurant, andmost importantly,herchild, nicknamedMarsby Covenant House staff,isnowa six-month-old healthybabygirl. 

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