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Our Sheltering Circle provides
stability to homeless kids throughout the year.

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Covenant House is like a backbone to me.

"Covenant House is like
a backbone to me."

Starrasia slept on the streets after her abusive mother
kicked her out. Then she found Covenant House.

kids like Rodney need your help

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The very basics – food, clean clothes, warm blankets – make a world of difference to a homeless kid.

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Young Professionals Making a Difference

Over 300 young professionals in five cities across the country slept out on the streets Friday night to support the formerly homeless youth getting help at Covenant House.  Watch news coverage here

The Number of Homeless Youth is Growing, but Funding Is Not

In her Washington Post She the People column, Bernadine Watson speaks to Covenant House President Kevin Ryan about the increase in the numbers of homeless youth and efforts to combat the growing problem of trafficking.

Legalizing Prostitution Doesn't Help Sex-Trafficked Youth

After a controversial ruling by the Supreme Court in Canada, Covenant House calls on the government to penalize pimps and johns rather than prostituted people, who are all too often vulnerable children.

Covenant House Washington Announces New Executive Director

Dr. Madye G. Henson is joining Covenant House as the new Executive Director of our program in Washington D.C. where we provide a lifeline to quality services for more than 30,000 young people within the Greater Washington Region. 

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Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan





A look back at 2014

01/08/2015 - 3:17pm

Since 2015 began, we've seen a surge of homeless kids in need of shelter... and we know there are more on the way. We also know that thanks to friends like you, we'll be prepared. We are looking forward to even more successes this year, and we are so grateful to have so many friends standing by our kids through thick and thin. Take a look at what we did together in 2014!

A Christmas Message

12/03/2014 - 10:59am

There is so much to love about Christmas and its wonderful traditions – it’s truly a time full of joy, light and wonder. Whether it’s an uplifting holiday service, a nostalgic movie or a festive meal with friends and family, each of us has one (or more!) special moments we look forward to and cherish each Christmas.

Holding Accountable

09/12/2014 - 2:16pm

A case making its way through the courts in Washington State holds high stakes for trafficked children who have been waging a steep uphill battle against corporate behemoth for years. Covenant House is joining as a friend of the court in the lawsuit, which represents our best hope for pushing back against the relentless, web-based commercial sexual exploitation of children and...