An Ongoing Crisis of Youth Migration and Homelessness

NYC Migrant Bus | Covenant House

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The crisis of available housing and shelter space in New York City continues to place major strain on Covenant House and the entire city’s youth shelter system. The recent unanticipated wave of young migrants coming to NYC has tested those limitations, overwhelming many of the city’s vital services, including shelter and housing, job placement, and legal services. Even with the city and other organizations' best efforts, the system is unprepared for the influx, and many of the young people entering the city face the risk of homelessness.

David, a young person seeking asylum, stayed at a men's shelter before finding a safe place to sleep at Covenant House. "Here, it is much better, of course," David said in Spanish three days after moving in. He said he took a music class in his first week and shared a photo of himself in a studio recording over a beat: "Everything is better: the treatment, the atmosphere, even the food.”

At Covenant House, we want to see these young migrants adequately taken care of, with the absolute respect and unconditional love we afford all young people who come through our doors. We will continue to advocate for the safe and just treatment of all young people who are at risk of homelessness and trafficking, and implore all local and federal authorities to do what they can to ensure this treatment for all migrants to the U.S..

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