Street and Community Outreach

Covenant House street and community outreach is the bridge to housing, healing, and opportunity. We show young people experiencing homelessness that we care and that they deserve a safe place to sleep, unconditional love, and absolute respect.

Covenant House Van Outreach team member and homeless youth

How Do Young People Find Covenant House?

Young people experiencing homelessness find Covenant House in a variety of ways. Some are referred to us from other partner organizations. Some learn that our doors are open 24/7 from peers, school social workers, or guidance counselors.

But for those young people who can’t find us, our dedicated street and community outreach teams go to them. Offering food, hygiene products, clean clothing, and a warm blanket if needed. Most importantly, offering absolute respect, unconditional love, and a safe place to sleep.

Covenant House Street and Van Outreach

No Young Person Should Be Living on the Streets

The streets are a dangerous place for young people experiencing homelessness. Our street and community outreach efforts have never been as important as they are today.

Increased violence, access to dangerous drugs like Fentanyl, and gangs have intertwined themselves with street culture. Human trafficking has become a “business” that preys on vulnerable people, and children and youth experiencing homelessness are a prime target of this criminal industry. And, there are simply not enough services where people facing mental health challenges can go.

How We're Investing in Our Communities

Our outreach teams are deeply invested in the communities where they work. Here are are just a few ways we're involved in community outreach and engagement:


Our teams attend committee meetings, sit on town councils, and visit local schools, hospitals, and community group events to help inform and teach on the issues of youth homelessness and human trafficking.


Our outreach teams work with partner organizations in combating human trafficking and striving for new ways to change laws, policies, and practices that are unjustly leading to so many young people, particularly young people of color, being unhoused and on the streets.


Outreach staff visit schools, community centers, and houses of worship to educate and inform young people of services and resources that are available should they or their peers need help.

What Happens After Outreach?

We welcome all youth without judgment or conditions, meeting their immediate basic needs of food, clothing, medical attention, and a safe place to sleep, at no cost. No matter how they find us, where they come from, or their length of stay, we make addressing their needs our top priority.

Van outreach member helping homeless youth | Covenant House

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