Independent Living Programs in Latin America

Homeless teen wearing glasses looking into the camera

We Welcome Them

When family reintegration is not an option for our young residents in Latin America, we welcome them to remain with us until age 18. We continue to wrap them in love and support while they develop their skills, talents, interests, and a pathway to sustainable independence.


independent former homeless youth from Latin America | Covenant House - Latin America Independent Living

We Ensure Our Youth Have the Tools They Need

In each of our residences, we ensure that our children and youth have the tools they need to heal and to grow in confidence as they mature. We encourage them in their studies and help them succeed in school, fostering in them the understanding that better preparation means more and better opportunities.

Moving Towards Independence in Latin America with Covenant House

We also provide vocational and life skills training opportunities that can lead to gainful, fulfilling employment and deeper understanding of what it takes to sustain an independent life. At Covenant House Mexico, for example, our young people can apply for a competitive tailoring program through a corporate partner and learn to make fine suits and clothes. Vocational programs at our Latin America houses include culinary arts, fine tailoring and sewing, barbering, and more.