Get Involved with Covenant House Latin America

There are various ways you can get involved with Covenant House in Latin America and show your unconditional love and absolute respect for the children, adolescents, and youth in our care.

Get Involved with Covenant House Latin America

Give a Gift

The most immediate way you can have an impact is by making a donation to Covenant House. When you make a gift you support young people overcoming homelessness across the locations where Covenant House works.

Visit Covenant House in Latin America

Every year, Covenant House invites supporters to see for themselves how we create a refuge of light and love for children, adolescents, and youth who are survivors of human trafficking, exploitation, and homelessness. We call these trips “Camino a Casa.” In Latin America, our Covenant House sites are called Casas. A Camino a Casa is a visit with our Casas that offers a firsthand look at how we provide young people with a pathway to home. At our houses in Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, Covenant House offers hope and promise to the young people we serve.

Visit Covenant House Latin America

Frequently asked questions about Camino a Casa.