Ivory's Journey with Covenant House Illinois

CHIL Ivory

In today’s blog, we wanted to share a portion of a story from Covenant House Illinois. A young woman named Ivory came to our drop-in center looking for a safe place to sleep and a chance to rebuild stability for herself. However, while she did find that moment of respite for herself in our care, she came to realize that there was so much more than shelter.

At Covenant House, we know that truly holistic support, from mental and physical healthcare to educational and vocational support, assistance securing long-term housing, and so much more is what helps young people fully overcome homelessness. Delivered with absolute respect and unconditional love, our services give young people the opportunity to transform their lives, and Ivory did just that:

“With newfound stability and financial independence, Ivory seized the opportunity to secure a place of her own. In August 2023, just 5 months after coming to CHIL, she used her first paycheck to make a down payment on an apartment, marking a significant milestone in her journey toward self-sufficiency. Partnering with Mads, CHIL's education and career counselor, Ivory navigated the complexities of apartment hunting, ultimately finding a home in Hyde Park where she now resides with a roommate, another CHIL youth turned [Chicago Transit Authority] employee. Mads shares, ‘Our mission is simple: to empower youth to reach their fullest potential. Seeing Ivory’s transformation and the impact of our tailored support reaffirms why we do what we do. Every success story like hers fuels our passion to continue providing vital resources and guidance to the young people who come here.’

“Reflecting on her journey, Ivory imparts words of wisdom born from her experiences: ‘When I gave myself a chance, everything started to change.’ Her story serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that support and opportunity can have on the lives of young people facing adversity.”

For so many young people in a similar situation to Ivory, genuine support and opportunity are all they need to achieve their goal of overcoming homelessness. That’s why every Covenant House site is truly there 24/7 for every young person who walks through our doors — to be the open arms of love, opportunity, and support.

Read the full story here:

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